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Envision & Affirm By Goated Scorpion

“I Ain’t Them & They Ain’t Me” Earrings

“I Ain’t Them & They Ain’t Me” Earrings

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This bold statement “I Ain’t Them And They Ain’t Me”, earrings embraces individuality and uniqueness. This pair is a self-expression representing that we are all the “one and only” of our kind. A perfect wear for those who aren't afraid to be themselves and for those who need a confidence boost. 

*Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic Earring Backings 

*The Brand*

Express yourself without having to say a word

“Envision & Affirm” statement earrings feature a unique quote design, perfect for adding a sense of personality to your everyday look. They can be worn to make a statement, set the daily vibe for self and others, or to give as gifts to friends. These handcrafted statement pieces are not just accessories, but a reflection of your bold personality. Intently wear the statements that stand out and attract to you while envisioning & affirming your purpose. 

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