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Envision & Affirm By Goated Scorpion

“Focus On The Destination Not The Location” Earrings

“Focus On The Destination Not The Location” Earrings

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Envision your destiny with the statement "Focus On The Destination Not The Location" earrings. This pair will keep you focused on the bigger picture and remind you to keep moving towards your goals. This statement piece is a reminder to self and others to stay focused, driven, and to always let your destination be your guide.

*Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic Earring Backings 

*The Brand*

Express yourself without having to say a word

“Envision & Affirm” statement earrings feature a unique quote design, perfect for adding a sense of personality to your everyday look. They can be worn to make a statement, set the daily vibe for self and others, or to give as gifts to friends. These handcrafted statement pieces are not just accessories, but a reflection of your bold personality. Intently wear the statements that stand out and attract to you while envisioning & affirming your purpose. 

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